We’re Back!

Well, sort of.  hortonsfarm.com has been around since 2006 and this is our third “morph”.  I’ll spare you the bizarre details of our history of technical difficulties, but suffice to say –  we hope, we PLAN for this to be the last version of the website.  We lost so much –  photos, articles, etc. with the demise of previous versions,  that we hope in time, God willing,  our website, like our farm, can be a rich, peaceful and pleasant place to visit.

If you’ve been here before you recognize our header.  Many thanks go to Olga  and Pete and Norman for saving it through the trials and tribulations.  After nearly 10 years of it being our signature graphic,  it makes this new beginning feel like “home.”

And if you’re new here, and wondering who and what Horton’s Farm is and is about –  bookmark us and visit again!  We don’t plan to go anywhere and there will be more when you return!





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