The Rest of the Strawberry Story . . .

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. And the day before that I decided to honor one of the new mothers in my family by sending her fresh strawberries. Being well into May in the Deep South, there weren’t many to be found, but since someone was traveling 8 hours to surprise her and I couldn’t go it was my way of sending some love. And sweet love it was!

Seems like nature sometimes shows off just a bit before moving on to the next thing. In the case of the strawberries, they were much more scarce, much smaller, and, much sweeter. They may have been the best berries of the season, and I knew my sweet daughter would taste her mother’s love in every bite.

But I was wrong about the strawberries being gone. Later that day due to some unforeseen honeybee circumstances I wound up removing a box of honey from a hive. A big, heavy full box of honey. And after tasting a bit I knew we’d be enjoying the strawberries much, much longer. Because that box was slam full of sweet, light delicious strawberry honey.

Some might call it nectar of the gods.

Manual Honey Extracton

Manual Honey Extracton

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