Spring 2016 Update

Welcome to the Hortons Farm homepage. If you’re new, we are a family owned farm in southeast Alabama. If you’ve been here before, grab a cup o’joe or your favorite tea and visit a few minutes. It’s just the two of us and a few critters most here of the time, but it’s NEVER boring.

For starters Ros has taken on the responsibility of managing a local Farmer’s Market. When the founders found themselves at a crossroads in life the only logical thing to do was turn admin over to someone else, and having been there from the start and a little business savvy it made sense. If you’re local to the Wiregrass (and if you’re wondering what that crazy word is, you’re not) check out marketatdothan.locallygrown.net.

Farm wise, the rhubarb is coming up, the strawberries are ripening, the summer kale has been in the ground a week and the Campbell’s tomatoes were planted yesterday. Romas and sweet banana peppers will be arriving any day. We LOVE eating fresh whole foods and between what we produce and what we get from other local farmers well . . . we’re fairly spoiled!

Our honeybees have been enjoying the warmer weather. Most days they are out and about bringing in nectar and pollen preparing for the impending nectar flow. Right now I’ve got syrup for splits ready to go and as soon as Easter is over will be working on that. One thing I’m especially excited about is introducing one of my favorite long lost cousins to honeybees in the near future. “Bill” carried me around as a baby. It’s my turn to help him get started in something he’ll dearly love and I’m looking forward to it!

THANK YOU for dropping in. We hope you’ll nose around a bit and if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., just holler!

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