Horton’s Farm was born from a deep desire to live simply and sustainably, and to help others in their quest to do the same. We have grown into a green  family owned business in sunny south Alabama. Unique creations from honest ingredients for real people – that is what we do and that is who we are. No generic agribusiness factory here – just beehives, herbs, flowers, vegetables, chickens, horses, pets and  the occasional dirt eating kid.  Our tasty, beautiful and healthful items reflect our core values of  excellence, sustainable living, education and simplicity.  All products  originate in our chemical free beehives and sustainable gardens, and each small batch artisinal product is made with great care to help you live life to its fullest.

The farm has produced high quality honey and hive products since starting beekeeping over ten years ago. More recently the farm began growing sustainable fruits and vegetables using  natural production methods.  Because neither the Mr. or the Mrs. come to agriculture with traditional training, Horton’s Farm successfully grows high end products that don’t typically grow in the deep south such as rhubarb and raspberries.


The Buzz about Roz:
Roslyn Horton came to beekeeping with backgrounds in both business and education in 2004. Those skills were put to use locally assist other beekeepers through Wiregrass Beekeepers Association for whom she served as President several terms. A 2013 Alabama Master Beekeeper, she now teaches for the Alabama Master Beekeepers Program and when she’s not working on the farm or loving on grandkids promotes beekeeping for community groups and schools around the Wiregrass.

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