Christmas in July

The berries have finished producing, the vegetables are about finished, there’s about a week’s worth of canning left to do and then . . . HONEY!

Busy summers like this make me thankful that fresh honey does not spoil. In fact it is the only natural food source that will not spoil! No wonder Holy Scriptures are compared to honey – because while they are always fresh, they never lose their power to do good for the heart of man. Just like some honey sources are not pleasant to the taste – not every truth contained in the Bible is easy to swallow, but it’s still good for you.

But back to harvesting . . . because there is so much that demands immediate attention during berry season, it’s a blessing that the sweet honeybees and their offerings can be flexible.

We’ve already harvested once – a deep box that was being rotated out of service as we transition into smaller (translate – easier to lift!) boxes. A large portion of this honey wound up in our specialty jams and jellies. (see Farm Produce Page). And because the strawberry honey was soooooo stinkin’ good, we gave it it’s own label.

2015 Strawberry Patch Honey

2015 Strawberry Patch Honey

The good news is – there’s more out there! So hopefully in a week or so we’ll be breaking out the equipment and harvesting that liquid golden goodness again!

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