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    Happy Valentines Day!

    February 2014

    And.Baby, it's COLD outside!. Not that we mind – it's actually a blessing as it is giving our 2nd year raspberries plenty of good chill hours so they'll produce well this year. We're totally pumped about being able to offer chemical free berries in 2014. We made all kinds of good jams and jellies and filled our freezer with what we picked in 2013. Between the 300 feet of of blackberries and 400 feet of raspberries we're planting this week you can see why we're excited.

    And the bees are doing good. I usually don't feed during the winter as we leave plenty of honey on the hive to get them through the cold months. But this year I've fed them some – mostly as insurance to make sure they have enough food since they consume more when it's colder. I've caught myself smiling as I remember a few people who have challenged me about the integrity of feeding bees. It's like taking care of a puppy. Some day that pet may be able to scavenge well enough to feed itself, but while it's still vulnerable, you better feed and take care of it if you expect it to survive and thrive.

    That reminds me of one of our pets. Before she came to us Norman's beloved Ninja, the mother of some of our Triple S Shepherd puppies, had to scavenge for six weeks during a bitter cold winter in Tennessee. It was hard on her but she did manage to survive till she was found. The way she loves and adores and cares for Norman makes me wonder if a distant memory of that makes her appreciative of the loving home she has now.

    Activity wise the year started off slow and seems to be picking up speed. Market at Dothan started back up in January and we've already been to the 19th Annual Beekeeping Symposium at Auburn. We're helping sponsor Empty Bowls, a charity event in Dothan, in a few days and have several teaching and training events in the works at both local and state levels. This year our schedule allows us to be at Spring Farm Day at Landmark Park and we're excited to be invited to the Alabama Fiber Arts Festival in April.

    We'll be reversing supers on our hives as soon as the weather avails itself. Reversing supers, while not a fail safe method of swarm reduction, does help them from becoming so congested at the the end of winter. It's a good time to inspect for drone population and plan for splits. Since becoming a Master Beekeeper I've gained a new depth of appreciation for the amazing biological processes that take place within the hive, including the very real and critical role of those “non productive” members, the drones.

    And on a more personal note, if you want the see the cutest grand baby in the world take a moment to visit here.

    Thanks for visiting hortonsfarm.com. Till next time!

    Ros Horton

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