Welcome to to our farm site, the home of Fire Ant First Aid and BEEMU products . Information about our Honey and Hive Products are also located here. We appreciate you stopping by and hope you'll enjoy browsing around.

Please use the links below for our main product and information pages. Be sure to check out Fire Ant First Aid Cream which helps stop pustules from forming, relieves pain and itching and speeds the healing of ant and insect bites. It is an amazing product and all the new uses for it has led to the development of our BEEMU products which feature Propolis and Emu Oil. We offer a FREE SAMPLE of Fire Ant First Aid to retail businesses.

THANK YOU for dropping in! If you see something that interests you please contact us. We're happy to answer any questions.

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    August 9 Todds Roadside Market, US 431 Headland, AL

    August 13 Wiregrass Women's Connection, Enterprise, AL 334-347-7379 for reservations

    August 16 Todds Roadside Market, US 431 Headland, AL

    August 23 Todds Roadside Market, US 431 Headland, AL

    August 30 Todds Roadside Market, US 431 Headland, AL

    September 6 Todds Roadside Market, US 431 Headland, AL

    September 11-13 Alabama Master Beekeeper Symposium, Prattville, AL

    September 20 Todds Roadside Market, US 431 Headland, AL

    September 26-27 Alabama Beekeepers State Meeting, Clanton, AL

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    Roslyn New-Horton

    July 2014

    Ahhh - those sweltery days of summer! The spring crops are pretty much finished, the canning and pickle making almost done and time to start thinking about going back to school. NOT! At least not around here! True the spring pickings are over but it's time to plant again! And fall raspberries are here NOW. As far as school - no kids and college students here anymore so it's a moot point.

    On the home front, quite a few projects this summer. We've done several things outdoors to operate more efficiently as well as indoors to be more energy efficient. Indoors except for that part about climbing on the roof to work on the skylights. Not my cup of tea!

    Since the May update we've added another grandchild to the Horton clan, this one via adoption. EmmaJ found her way home to our oldest son late May and we couldn't be happier. She's just now 8 months old so Tori will have someone to play with, and come October they'll have a boy cousin after Colby's arrival. Speaking of Tori, she turns 1 this week.

    And I'm happy to announce a new product - BEEMU Herbal Drawing Salve. Drawing Salve is one of those first aid products that has been around for many years. It gently "draws" splinters, thorns, infections, etc from the skin while soothing inflamed tissue. What sets ours apart is combined herbal infusions and the addition of emu oil and our proprietary propolis. We are working on several other products that will be released and announced in a few weeks.

    For those of you who are local - our online farmer's market site, marketatdothan.locallygrown.net, is expanding to include SATURDAY PICKUP at Todd's Syrup Farm in Headland. If you have not signed up for marketatdothan.net, now would be a goot time (see me using Scandinavian pronunciations?) to check it out. We will be onsite at Todd's off and on during the fall and are looking forward to a fun and productive fall season.

    Till next time,

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